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May 23—June 17, 2012

Biennale Theme:

Curator’s manifesto
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Guest Projects

Building Sustainable Communities

Building Sustainable CommunitiesExhibition Building Sustainable Communities presents 140 projects of best Danish architects and engineering bureaus based on their understanding of corporate social responsibility and practical contribution to global development processes focusing on the main achievements – design and human factor.




Architecture Of Never

Architecture Of NeverArchitecture of yesterday? Architecture of today?

Architecture of tomorrow? ARCHITECTURE OF NEVER! ARCHITECTURE OF NEVER exhibition project offevs participants to design a city that will never be built. ARCHITECTURE OF NEVER doesn't set any tasks for the participants.

ARCHITECTURE OF NEVER offers a new plan of monumental propaganda.


Ticinese Architecture In The World: Milestones And Protagonists

Ticinese Architecture In The WorldAn exhibition realized by Tarmac Publishing, with the support of Pro Helvetia and the Canton Ticino.

Scientific director of the exhibition: Jacques Gubler
Curators: Graziella Zannone Milan and Mercedes Daguerre.

The exhibition takes place under the Year of the Swiss Canton Ticino in Moscow. It provides a unique opportunity to discover the internationally famous Ticino architects and their projects, which became manifestoes of a particularly fertile period of explorations.


Werner Sobek And ILEK

Werner SobekWerner Sobek is both an architect and a structural engineer. While his Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design at the University of Stuttgart specializes on research into new materials and new concepts for lightweight and adaptive structures, Werner Sobek's consultancy is one of the leading consultancies for engineering, design and green technologies in the world.



The Edge

CANactionsCANactions is the architectural youth movement towards the realm of contemporary architecture.

It gives a new sense to the Ukrainian architectural community and cultivates deeper understanding of contemporary architecture in Ukraine.

Organizers: AB «ZOTOV&CO», ambitious Ukrainian and European young architects.



ArchiwoodARCHIWOOD is a new Annual All-Russian Award at the best architectural work of wood.

General partner – HONKA
Organizer – PR-agency «Pravila Obsheniya»
Curator – Nikolay Malinin