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May 23—June 17, 2012

Biennale Theme:

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Perestroika City

Facelift: New Faces For Familiar Places

Facelift: New Faces For Familiar PlacesDecades of industrialized house-building left us a controversial legacy: billions of square meters, packed in similar boxes, depleted urban environment, unfavorable visual ecology.

Ten new facades for standardized houses were made for this show by young architects, meanwhile every visitor has a chance to contribute to what can be called «city plastic surgery».



Beauty From Within: The Modernization Of Standart Apartments

Beauty From Within: The Modernization Of Standart ApartmentsDuring 2 Moscow Biennale Architecture Your Home Ideas magazine presents the project «14 year of modernization of typical apartments. Beauty from within». This project is an original digest of flat replanning design in standard buildings, constructed in last 14 years (1997-2010).

Every visitor can demonstrably see unique techniques and decorative decisions of the architects, who made common standard apartments more comfortable and modernized.


Our New School. Architectural Competition

Our New School. Architectural CompetitionThe contest for the best architectural and planning solution for comprehensive schools to create a multi-functional «transforming hall». A multipurpose compact «transforming hall» will solve the problem of the lack of school premises and expand opportunities of creative, sports and intellectual development of our children.

Organizer: Kopernik Group
Partner: Sberbank
Participants: The leading architects of Russia